Do your friends look at you like you’re an alien every time you have an exciting new idea?  

OR Do you have a strong tribe of women supporting you no matter what crazy idea you come up with?

Yep, been there. Actually, I currently have BOTH types of friendships in my life. You probably do, too. Whatever tribe you currently have, the amazing part is that you can always grow it. The beauty of sisterhood is that it is inclusive and we totally want to include you

You can totally sit with us at the Shield Sisterhood Summit! 


  • find true, deep friendships in biz AND real life. No matter the size of your current sisterhood, there's always room for more connection!
  • chill out with zendoodle, an amazing form of art therapy
  • grow your business collaborations with new soul sister biz friends
  • authentically write and share your story, stepping out of you comfort zone 
  • reduce your mental load through delegation and emotional processing with the help of you sisterhood
  • And so much more! 

About Your Facilitator

Hey! I’m Raewyn and I’m your host. Growing up, my dad was the king of connections. It didn’t matter if I was at home in Cali or struggling with my first week of college in Ohio; my dad knew someone who could help out. That’s why connection is so important to me. I’m also all GIRL POWER Spice Girls, so, sisterhood is my jam. Gimme all the coffee and soul sisters.  

Raewyn Sangari self-love community builder 

Sometimes it’s hard to find where exactly we “belong.” I’ve totally been there. Luckily, the online world is so full of amazing women that can become a part of your tribe, even if you can’t actually hang out in person on the daily. (That’s what video chats are for!)  

So what type of amazing women are out there? I could probably spend all day telling you about all of them (especially highlighting my sisters in the Sanctuary!), but today I want to introduce you to the 15 women who joined us for the summit!  

Who is speaking?


So, what are you waiting for? Catch the replays and get ready to find your soul sisters.